Many LGBT medical student have found faculty elective advisors and role models through SOGLAD events.  We maintain a directory of LGBT elective opportunities for interested students, and we would like extend this service to include potential preceptors and students who may not be able to attend our meetings.

For faculty members, if you would consider supervising a medical student, please provide the information asked for below. Elective proposals could have LGBT staff advisors or be of interest to LGBT health issues, but don’t necessarily need to be both. Advisors from outside the Toronto area are also welcome.

We can be contacted via e-mail at: info@soglad.ca. Some public computers will have firewalls in place and if so you may have difficulty using this form. You can send the required information via your e-mail program to the appropriate address.

Please include the following information:

Name of elective:
(include specialty)
Location of elective:

Description of elective and objectives: (please include information of relevance to LGBT students or issues, if applicable, and a short list of typical activities and expectations)

Faculty contact(s), and prefered method(s) of contact:

Can contact information be posted on the web?: (If the answer is No, faculty contact information will be left off the website and sent only to students who contact SOGLAD for more information, but the description of the elective will appear on the website.)

Time considerations or other constraints, if any: (e.g. only available in Fall or up until a certain date, or for two weeks, or only for final-year students)

Administrative requirements, if applicable: (e.g. apply through a university program, apply 4 months ahead of time, or pay an application fee)

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